Combine collection

The following images are a selection of my work in Combine collection.

I use a new approach through a combination of painted surfaces and found objects to create a diverse mode of expression within my work.
I combined the painted surfaces to create new and more compelling imagery, putting together things that have been gathered from various places, or small paintings set in the individual combinations to give new narrative abstract impression.
I have been working with a combination of primary colours and lines (horizontal & vertical) to increase the effect of composition, and worked with acrylic and oil paint on stretched canvas or wood.
In “Rhythm, Edinburgh Closes” presented at my degree show, I have been inspired by the images reflected on the windows in the city and vertical landscapes between the buildings and narrow lanes.
The combination of painted images and plain colour pieces comes together as a unit which collectively forms an installation as a group presentation.


Soosan Danesh’s brilliantly abstract ‘Rhythms, Edinburgh Closes’ are interpretations of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile closes. There are eight on display and although they are similar in style and size, each piece of wood is carefully designed and coloured in a specific way. They are as intricate as the closes they portray, and each has a very different story to tell.

Rhys Fullerton